Is India taking over?

In this article I will tell you about a video which was made by Al Jazeera English. In the video, reporters are talking about the Indian economy that is raising. Everyone else in the world thinks this raise is good for the country but that isn’t true. I’ve been in India to and I would say that a lot of people still live in very small houses, but they are hopeful for the future.

No help for locals

India is the second most populated country in the world and the economy has almost a bigger growth than China. But a lot of these numbers don’t tell the whole story. The reason that not everyone is happy about this growth is the new government of Modi (current Prime Minister of India) since 2014. This government promised that things would get better in India and there would be no place for corruption.

2 years later, nothing has changed and middle-small-businesses are getting tough. They really want to say that they are in absolute crisis. The reason of this crisis is because Indian government invest in reclaiming oil, funny fact: this oil is going to Dubai and Saudi-Arabia who’s selling it to European countries.

Modi says he already done a lot for the country, on of his first jobs were attracting foreign companies to invest in India and making it easier to start up a business. This took care of people who need a job, but the next thing that is going to happen is that Indian people who work for Indian companies do lose their job because they can’t afford the amount of workers. This is also a wake up call to the Indian government that the middle-small-companies need financial support, otherwise they wouldn’t survive.

Something positive about the Indian government is that they help the local farmers by doubling there income. The government is doing this to motivate the farmers to hold on in difficult times. They say better times are coming because the population is raising and all of them need food. Another reason why they do this is when you support the base of a pyramid (the poor), the other levels above will raise shortly.

My opinion

First of all I don’t think that India expected this drop in their local economy. They invested in foreign company’s but never looked at their own country. As I already said is that I’ve been in India before and local people told me that they like Modi very much. He’s very supportive and things been better than ever. But he only forgot that the foreign companies do have an influence on their local market. As I didn’t knew is that India is also a oil producent, but their oil is send to the rich countries in the Middle-East and those countries make a good profit of it.

I think it’s already good that they support the poor people in India. Because I think the social stratification is still their biggest problem. People lower in status can never have a good job like someone of the higher status. I think it’s weird that no one ever stepped up and said that the system needs to fall and there are no excuses for it because discrimination has no place in India. But probably a lot of people can live with it.  


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